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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection


Accurate and reliable information is the bedrock of effective politically exposed person (PEP) risk management, as misidentifications or omissions can have severe legal and reputational consequences.  In this article, Madalina Morar, International Affairs Research Analyst at ComplyAdvantage, explains the company’s […]

Both industry regulators and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) consider politically exposed persons (PEPs) to pose a higher risk of corruption and involvement in money laundering and/or terrorist financing. To effectively mitigate the potential risks posed by such activities, […]

The accuracy and reliability of data used in politically exposed person (PEP) screening are paramount to its effectiveness. High-quality data ensures relevant PEP profiles are identified accurately, minimizing false positives and negatives. It involves collecting comprehensive and up-to-date information from […]

Amid media reports that financial institutions are restricting the access of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and their associates to financial services, the UK government has ordered the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to review its PEPs risk management guidance.  Indeed, per […]

The State of Compliance webinar series brings together industry experts from across the compliance sector for a hands-on look at key themes and major issues.

Eva Kaili, one of the European Parliament’s 14 vice presidents, was among five arrested on bribery and corruption allegations during a probe by Belgian authorities. Investigations have uncovered a web including Kaili’s partner, former politicians, and NGO decision-makers. Nineteen or […]

Pandora paper leak

In October 2021 the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published the results of an explosive investigation known as the Pandora Papers More than 600 journalists from across 117 countries including from the BBC, The Washington Post, and The Guardian, […]

More than 11.9 million confidential files have been released that expose the secret wealth and offshore dealings of the rich and powerful in what’s been called the “biggest trove of leaked offshore data in history”.  Making headlines across the globe, […]

OakNorth bank AML

The Outcomes ComplyAdvantage’s comprehensive data coverage means OakNorth Bank is now able to use one single platform to onboard and monitor customers against all relevant databases. The solution’s customizability has made it easy to configure search algorithms and select the […]