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State of Financial Crime 2023 Report

Fraud Detection

Powered by AI, our solution helps businesses see the unseen

  • Out-of-the-box fraud scenarios & rules library
  • Market-leading machine learning models
  • 50+ payment fraud scenarios covered

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Detect fraud efficiently and effectively


reduction in all payment fraud-related losses

Beat fraudsters’ creativity by using ML models that detect a continuously evolving range of fraud attempts.


increase in analyst efficiency

Empower analysts with cutting-edge tools that help make every step of the fraud prevention process fast and low effort.


reduction in false positives

Improve alert rate quality with tailored rules and segmentation.

Explore why leading digital bank Holvi chose ComplyAdvantage for fraud detection

Identify and prevent a range of payment fraud scenarios

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage covers a wide range of continuously evolving payment fraud scenarios.

50+ payment fraud
scenarios covered

Account Take Over (ATO) Fraud
Business email compromise (BEC)
Relationship Fraud
Romance scams
Elder Fraud / Vulnerable Adult
Work-from-home job scams
CEO fraud
Employee fraud (internal fraud)
Product & Services fraud
IRS imposter scams
Social Security impostor scams
Travel scams
Fake Item Scams
Invoice fraud
Authorized Push Payments (APP) Fraud
False Claim
Synthetic Identity
Credit Card Fraud
Card-Present Fraud
Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud
Credit Limit "Pushing"
Fraudulent Card "Testing"
Card Flipping
Common Point of Purchase (CPP)
Counterfeit Card: ATM, POS
ACH Payment Fraud (US only)
Hijacked Payroll
Fraudulent ACH Credits
Wire Payment Fraud
Incoming wire fraud
FedNow Payment Fraud (US only)
Real Time payments (RTP) fraud
ISO 20022 format payments
ATM Deposit fraud
ATM Withdrawal fraud
Check Fraud
Mobile Check Deposit / scam
Duplicate Check Number
Check Number Jump
Stolen/Copied Check
Advance Fee fraud
Medical scams
Merchant Acquirer Fraud
False Front Merchants
Payroll/Disbursement fraud
Loan Fraud
Unusual Loan Charge-off
Unusual Active Loan
Inactive Account Fraud
Identity Theft

Here are just a few examples:

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage stops this fraud using a combination of:

  • ML Anomaly Detection Algorithms
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Time Sequencing
  • NLP Neural Networks (Ex. Transformer that’s also used in ChatGPT)

It detects:

  1. Changes in behavior, activity from strange and unseen counterparties, and money transfers to high-risk countries or banks
  2. Changes in behavior following a suspicious event, such as a failed password attempt or a change in address
  3. Activities at uncommon times to a particular user (such as a user transacting at 4 am)
  4. Discrepancies between payments reference texts & payment details

Read more about ATO fraud detection in our blog.

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage stops this fraud using a combination of:

  • ML
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Time Sequencing
  • Graph Network Analysis

It detects:

  1. Anomalous behavior indicating a vulnerable person has been taken advantage of by a third party
  2. Discrepancies between payment reference texts & payment details
  3. Changes in periodic behavior indicative of invoice fraud, such as a change in a bank account number on a typical payment
  4. Synthetic identities or mule accounts used to hide the destination of the funds

Read more about payment fraud detection in our blog.

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage detects synthetic identity fraud by applying a combination of:

  • Identity Clustering
  • Other ML algorithms

It identifies networks of accounts that are acting in tandem, both from a behavioral and a personal data perspective. It gives you dual protection, catching both:

  • Accounts that look similar data-wise but act differently
  • Accounts that act similarly but have different sets of personal information

Read more about payment fraud detection in our blog.

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage stops this fraud using a combination of:

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Identity Clustering
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • K-means Clustering

Using these techniques, our solution can detect:

  1. Merchants fraudulently representing themselves as another type of business - for example, a casino claiming to be a restaurant
  2. Merchants with significant refunds and chargebacks compared to others or previous activity from the same merchant
  3. Businesses with similar patterns to others you have offboarded
  4. Companies taking lines of credit with an anomalous “bust-out” pattern

Read more about payment fraud detection in our blog.

Fraud Detection from ComplyAdvantage stops this fraud using a combination of:

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Time-based Aggregations
  • ML Anomaly Detection

Using these techniques, our solution can detect:

  1. Customers that process large amounts of refunds or chargebacks, either at a total level or in comparison to their peer group
  2. Anomalous patterns of refunds or chargebacks indicative of fraud

Find out more about chargeback fraud detection in our blog.

With our pre-built scenarios and ML techniques, our solution can detect individual cases of credit card fraud, and identify networks of stolen information across accounts that may slip through traditional systems.

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • ML Anomaly Detection
  • Identity Clustering
  • K-means Clustering

Using these techniques, our solution can detect:

  1. Test transactions followed by anomalous activity for a customer or their peer group
  2. Overall changes in behavior by customers indicating fraud
  3. Clustered networks of stolen information used in tandem by fraudsters through similar behavior and details

Read more about payment fraud detection in our blog.

Leading financial institutions trust ComplyAdvantage for fraud detection

Preventing fraud with ComplyAdvantage: Top four benefits

ML models

One of the most powerful ML models

  • Dynamic Thresholds: Calibrates automatically and adapts to criminal behavior to beat fraudsters’ creativity.
  • Explainability: Not only detects fraud but also explains the reason why each alert was created.
  • Identity Clustering: Links accounts that may be controlled by a single individual or institution behind organized fraud.
  • Graph Network Detection: Tracks flow of illicit funds within your system.

Unmatched speed to value

  • Go live in as little as two weeks through out-of-the-box capabilities & proven processes.
  • Detect fraud from day one with ML models trained on historical data.
  • Work with flexible data formats that will make data integration easy and fast.

Fraud scenarios covered across all payment rails

  • 50+ payment type agnostic fraud scenarios covered.
  • Covers special scenarios for established payment rails including ACH, FedWire, Swift MT, and SEPA.
  • Emerging payment types supported with rich data like ISO 20022.
  • 24x7x365 fraud detection for instant payment types like FedNow and Faster Payments.
  • Detection starts pre-transaction with other events such as log-ins, profile changes.

Leader in financial crime risk data & detection technology

  • Insights you can’t get anywhere else: Derived from proprietary customer, company, and financial risk data.
  • First to connect & enrich multiple streams of disparate data: Adverse Media, Sanctions, PEPs, RCAs & UBOs.
  • Easy to use, unified fraud and AML management platform enhances decision making.
  • Deep domain knowledge across 1,000+ customers worldwide.

“The flexibility to build custom scenarios was important for us. Many vendors do not have the same level of flexibility.”

~ Blanca Rojas, Transaction Risk Manager, RealPage
(Real estate software and data analytics)

Read the story

How the ComplyAdvantage fraud detection solution works

Diagram showing how the ComplyAdvantage fraud detection solution works
Advanced Fraud Detection
Powered by AI
Uses two-times hackathon winning ML models, including anomaly detection, identity clustering, graph analysis, and more to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.
Out-of-the-box & custom rules
Out-of-the-box rules library to handle a range of fraud scenarios for your industry. Create custom rules that trigger based on a variety of scenarios specific to your business.
No-code Rule Builder
Create flexible rules without having to write a single line of code.
Case Manager
Easily manage workloads, assign alerts to analysts, change alerts status (i.e., closing/escalating them), and place them in cases.
SAR Filing
Capability to easily file SARs when needed.
Dashboards & Insights
Simplified dashboard view of the performance of rules and your compliance team. Export alerts and transaction data.
Smart Alerts
Powered by AI
Our AI-powered alerting system tags alerts as High, Medium, Low, or Lowest, based on the level of potential risk.
Data Loading Flexibility
Option to upload transaction data in batches or automate using our real-time API.
Coverage of Non-financial Events
Expand your coverage of fraud detection to non-financial events, such as address or password changes.
Custom Format
If your business has unique data formats, we can often integrate these into our core product.
Support Included
Our expert service is included right from the start.
Implementation Included
We will implement the solution for you at no extra cost so you have a swift transition to a world-class fraud detection journey.
Enterprise Support
Enterprise Support offers SLAs that push our commitments on metrics like uptime and resolution time even further.

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