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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection

WealthTech and Investments

Spot risks before they become threats

High-net-worth clients are high risk. That’s why the cost of customer acquisition is higher in the investment industry than in other financial sectors.

Many firms do not have enough information about the risks of clients’ affiliated entities. That slows onboarding, giving customers a negative experience. Costs and reputational risk increase, too.

At the same time, financial crime is rising and regulators are responding. Investment firms are under pressure to stay on top of many regulations across jurisdictions worldwide.

With our solutions, investment firms can streamline their approach to processes and regulation. Using AI, they can identify risky entities and behaviors before they become threats.

Why ComplyAdvantage?

Identify risks early

Avoid incurring high additional costs by spotting red flags earlier. Use adverse media to understand clients’ risk at onboarding.

Save time remediating alerts

Our high-quality data, automated solutions, and low false-positive rate enable you to spend less time remediating alerts.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your customer lifecycle management (CLM) software.

Improve customer experience

Accelerate onboarding by reducing the number of alerts and false positives.

Screening & Monitoring

Onboard customers quickly, safely, and cost-effectively

  • Screen against the only global dynamic database of sanctions and watchlists.
  • Screen in real time against genuine adverse media. Understand the level of political exposure and source of wealth, and identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • Reduce the cost of onboarding. Fewer alerts and false positives mean less manual remediation.
  • Simplify. Our easy-to-use interface consolidates all insights into a single customer profile.
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Adverse Media

Identify potential risks and safeguard your reputation

  • Identify adverse media in the entity’s native language. Automatically match it to the entity, so you can monitor changes in risk with speed and accuracy.
  • Reduce the noise. Your analysts can focus on the risks that matter to your business.
  • React quickly when a client’s risk status changes. Our two-way RESTFul API sends automatic alerts, so your team can act fast to protect your business.
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See How We Have Helped Other Investment Companies

IQ Option cut its manual screening workload by 70%

“Manual screening can be a robotic task that needs a high level of concentration to ensure no errors are made during input. It makes business sense to have an automated system that can handle the responsibility with better accuracy, allowing trained staff to focus their attention on areas of greater risk and importance within the AML function,” said Anastasia Kyriacou, Head of Compliance and AML, IQ Option.

Freetrade modernized its risk management

“ComplyAdvantage brought a tech-led, user focused approach in an industry full of old-school tech,” said Daniel Tedman, Head of Risk and Compliance, Freetrade.