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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection

Transaction Monitoring Software Solution

AI-based transaction monitoring software

  • CheckmarkReal-time transaction monitoring solution
  • CheckmarkReduction in false positives by up to 70%
  • CheckmarkNo-code self-serve rules builder
  • CheckmarkScalability to billions of transactions
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Transaction Monitoring System

How Does Our Transaction Monitoring Software Work?

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Smart Alerts uses AI-driven prioritization, freeing up time to investigate real risks

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Relationship identification uses AI to expose hidden connections & find new risks

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Behavioral analytics to detect financial crime with greater insights, for any scenario 

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Transaction Screening using the most up-to-date global sanctions data available

Why Choose Our Transaction Monitoring Solution?

  • Integrate any data points in any rule
  • Opt for our proprietary insights or synthesize them with your own
  • Incorporate third-party risk insights 
  • Apply your risk-based approach via a powerful segmentation engine
  • Implement your customer risk scoring seamlessly with API integrations

  • Easily integrate via RESTful API
  • Explore hundreds of out-of-the-box scenarios and models
  • Identify underperforming rules in real-time with advanced analytics
  • Pre-test rules in live conditions without tech support, and make instant changes

  • Scale to billions of transactions
  • Audit trail and reporting that is tried and tested with regulators and bank partners across the globe
  • Serve hundreds of customers, including some of the largest payments and banking players in the world

What took one of our associates one full week to do can now be done in a matter of hours. With ComplyAdvantage, Paxos saw an 80% improvement in efficiency

Edward Luo

BSA/AML Officer

Reduce false positives by up to 70%

Automatically monitor transactions to detect suspicious behavior and reduce false positives

Prioritize and focus on the greatest risks to your business with our transaction monitoring system, which automatically monitors transactions to detect suspicious behavior

Discover why over 1,000 customers in 75+ countries use ComplyAdvantage

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Validate transactions against over 1300 data sources

Identify real-time sanctions risk in all parts of the payment message via a single API call


Real-time transaction screening with up-to-date sanctions and watchlists data

Automated data collection technology, augmented by human reviews, continuously verifies and extracts data from more than 1300  global sources – including sanction lists, PEPs and RCAs, OFAC, UN, HMT, EU and DFAT.

Watchlists used by our transaction screening software are updated automatically within 15 minutes, eliminating time lags between watchlist updates and your screening system being updated.

Transaction Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions

Transaction monitoring is the ongoing process through which financial transactions are monitored to identify any suspicious activity that may indicate money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crimes.

Transaction monitoring is an important part of a companies AML program as it enables compliance with the latest national and international regulations.

The ComplyAdvantage API enables you to integrate your systems with our services to automate many of the functions available through the web user interface. Our API follows the REST convention and accepts and returns JSON data. View our API docs.

Yes. Our transaction monitoring system can run on any data that you provide to us (data that is captured within a transaction). This not only allows the engine to detect suspicious scenarios,  but also allows the tool to speak in your language, using your own variables, codes, definitions, etc that are unique to you.

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