The Pros And Cons Of Using Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Furniture

reclaimed teak outdoor furniture

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is definitely one of the most popular timbers used in many homes. In fact, reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is so popular that there is now a deforestation crisis due to its demand. As a result, it is now strictly controlled. It has a variety of different uses and is popularly sought after by homeowners and businesses that use the timber for their products, due to its high demand. It is highly aesthetic, and it comes with a range of different benefits that contribute to its desirability. These benefits make it obvious as to why it is desirable, however, it does also have its downsides which can make it seem less appealing. It is important to know both sides of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture, in order to make an informed decision before deciding to purchase.

Here are the pros and cons of using reclaimed teak outdoor furniture.


Strength and durability

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is known to be strong and durable.

It performs very well when exposed to the elements, including rain and sun. Many hardwoods will often falter over time due to these elements, as rain can make the wood expand, become soft, or develop rot. However, reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is especially resistant against wet weather, and will not run into the problems listed above. It will also not falter against the sun and will generally hold its ground in hotter seasons. This makes it very desirable for backyards and is a reason why it is so popular. This is due to the wood’s high natural oil content as well as its natural tight wood grain. Furthermore, it is also resistant to pests such as termites which will often plague other hardwoods, causing structural damage. It also has a high resistance to rotting as well as acid damage. This proves its durability and these are good reasons why it is constantly in high demand.


Low maintenance

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture requires very little maintenance.

This is true even if left uncovered. When left to weather, reclaimed teak outdoor furniture will turn into a beautiful silver-grey color and will only need to be brushed and cleaned every so often. If needed, it can be brought back to its natural brown color through the use of a light polish and sand.

This low maintenance is another reason why it is in high demand, as it does not require expensive care or constant maintenance to keep it looking good and durable.



One of the cons of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is that it is often very expensive. Whilst it may be one of the superior performing timbers, it is therefore expensive too. However, although it may be expensive initially, it is unlikely to cost a lot more to maintain due to the reasons above. When treated as an investment, it will be well worth its cost upfront in the long term.



As reclaimed teak outdoor furniture has such high demand, it can often be hard to find suppliers with available products. It is a naturally slow-growing timber, and therefore it is difficult to produce a lot of products especially with how tightly controlled it is due to deforestation. This limited availability has led to an influx of imitation products that do not perform the same as the real thing, so you have to be careful about what you are purchasing.