A Guide To Building A Pop Vinyl Collection

Pop vinyl collection figure exclusive Bushfire Heroes Firefighter with Koala

Are you thinking about starting a pop vinyl collection? A lot of people all over the world have fallen in love with the cute figurines but it can be overwhelming when you first decide to start a pop vinyl collection because there are now more than 8000 figures to choose from – that’s a seriously big number of figurines to choose form. So how do you build the best pop vinyl collection you can with so many available on the market? Check out tips for collecting below.


What are they?

Most figurines are based on characters from pop culture and consist of a small body and oversized head. The heads are usually on a spring and might move around when shaken, just like a bobblehead. These figurines have now covered many different areas of pop culture, there’s something to suit just about every, so how do you get started when collecting?


Think about what you love

This might seem obvious but when there are so many options available it can be easy to spend your money in the wrong place. There are many, many options available so we’d suggest thinking about what you truly love. Make a list of your favourite games, movies and tv shows and think about you must have characters. You may want to start by picking your favourite characters from a number of your most beloved cultural touchstones, or perhaps you might want to work your way through collecting all the characters from just one game for example. You may even want to choose a theme. Are you an avid gamer? Maybe you might want to work your way through all of your favourite games before you start on another category like ‘TV’ or ‘Movies’.


Keep the boxes

Every pop vinyl collector will tell you that you should keep the boxes. The box helps to protect your figurine and its value. If you want to showcase a figurine than you can remove it from the box without damaging it, but make sure you keep it for the future.


Don’t wait

Pop vinyl figure of Lemmy Kilmister, the bassist and frontman of the Motorhead

Figurines come in and out of stock all the time and Funko sometimes releases limited editions that they will never make again. Avoid missing out on adding to your collection, act fast when you see a figurine that you want, especially if it’s an exclusive one. Don’t wait to buy thinking that it’ll still be there in a few weeks, figurines are popular and there are many avid collectors and once of buyers out there, so hesitating could mean that you miss out on a figurine you love entirely.


Showcase your pop vinyl collection

What’s the point of collecting items if you aren’t going to show them off? Think about how you would like to display your figurines. Some people choose to keep them in their boxes whilst others prefer to take them out and show them off. It’s all up to your personal preference although you should remember that they are more valuable when kept in the box. It’s a great idea to display them on a shelf, bookcase or table together. This adds impact and you’ll be able to enjoy their aesthetics every time you walk into the room where they’re kept.


So there you have it! Starting a pop vinyl collection is a fun and worthwhile hobby and Funko’s toys are an amazing snapshot of different culture trends. Collect all your favourites and show them off in your home. It’s a great way to pass time and so much fun when you get your hands on a brand new, exclusive figurine.