3 Key Design Tips To Make Your Wedding Cards Amazing

blank wedding invitation

The wedding cards you use to let people know they are invited can be one of the best early ways to get people excited for your big day and give them some subtle hints about the overall theme you are going for. The formality (or lack thereof) of these invites will depend greatly on your budget and personal preferences, as well as what expectations you want to satisfy amongst your guests.

This is a big moment for you and preparing for what is arguably one of the most important days of your life can be very daunting. With everything going on in the planning process, it can be easy to neglect the importance of practicing good design with your wedding cards.

To help you with this process, take a look at the following 3 tips for designing your wedding cards so they look amazing.


1.    Pick the right size

When you are designing your wedding card invitations, you need to make sure you select the right size and don’t go with anything too big or too small. It’s important that they are able to fit into the envelopes you intend to post them with, but also that they are large enough to include all the information you want.

Making the best use of the space you get is also important, so selecting the right font is also going to be crucial. Don’t get too hung up on making it look pretty that your sacrifice its legibility and ability to convey the important details you want to for your prospective guests.


2.    Keep a consistent theme

Of course, you need to make sure the visual theme that your wedding cards convey is uniform and effective in setting the mood you want in the minds of your prospective guests. If you are having a ceremony by the beach with a lot of tropical and outdoors motifs, then invites that are traditionally elegant and ‘church-like’ aren’t going to be the most effective way to convey what your guests can expect when they arrive to celebrate with you.

The same would be true in the reverse – wedding cards that were too informal would not be appropriate if you were having a traditional church ceremony. You need to set the tone correctly otherwise your guests won’t have an accurate picture of what to expect on the big day.


3.    Don’t put too much information on there

When it comes to wedding card invitations, many people make the mistake of going overboard with the information they put on there. This letter is meant to serve a purpose in telling people where and when your ceremony is so they can prepare and plan to attend – don’t get hung up on telling the story of your relationship with the limited space you have.

While it’s ok and encouraged to add a little personal flair to the invites, packing in too much information may make it harder for people to discern the important details. Keep things simple and you will be fine when it comes to designing your wedding cards.


4.    Find inspiration online

Another great tip for designing your wedding cards is to look at examples of what other couples have done online. There is no shortage of marriage blogs out there that love to share their favorite picks so that people like you can mix and match ideas, or simply get inspired by the small details that will make your invites truly special and memorable.

So, when you are designing your wedding cards, make sure that you stick to the above tips as much as you can.